My name is Gary Cribbin. I am a 25 year old university graduate with a BSc. in Music Media and Performance Technology from the University of Limerick in Ireland.

My primary passion is audio. I love making music as well as mixing tracks, attempting to get the best sound from them. I suppose my interest in music came from my fascination with DJ'ing as a kid... A fascination that eventually led me to DJ in my home city for some time. I would always marvel at the production value of the music I would play and as such have made it my personal goal to reach that level of professionalism and skill. I still strive toward that end. I enjoy recording, mixing, editing and producing and am constantly working to enhance my abilities in each of these areas. Featured here are some of the projects I have been involved in to date. Feel free to to take a look around. Enjoy.

Some of my specific technical skills include an ability to work on:

Pro-tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Reason.